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The term "Astal" refer to the company Astal Investments and Software LTD.
its employees, managment and owners suppliers and licensors. 
The term "site" or "the site" refer to the  Web Site astal.com , located at http://www.astal.com and http://www.astal.com/marketing and connected web pages in other web sites.
The terms "Supplier", "Agent", "Visitor", or "User" refer to anyone accessing our services or web site for any reason.  

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Astal keep the right to change from time to time, the content on the site,  
the building that shows without requiring approval from the profession or
User services site. Changes like this do not buy the pretext for the claim by the above mentioned.


Disclaimer & Limitation of Liability 

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Participants listed on the site are not employees of the company Astal,  
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The site makes efforts to identify and filter participants, 
but all users and participants of any kind,hereby acknowledge that the site and site stuff and owners
are not responsable to fake identity or wrong details submitted by users or participants.
If any conflict between participants, Astal would not have responsibility towards any one of the parties. 
All contracts/agreements will be between participants.  
The site and Astal are not part of the agreements between participants.
For the avoidance of doubt, the contracts and agreements between participants will be without
any responsibility on the part of Astal.
For the avoidance of doubt, it made clear that the site oparators and Astal 
are not responsible for any act or omission of third parties.
Participants will be responsible for any damage or loss they cause,
including cause loss or expense to user, to other participants or any third party.

Management of the site explains unequivocally that does not control participants, and is not liable for any damages  
direct or indirect resulting from the use of the service being offered
or as a result of direct or indirect use of the site.

If representative of the site does not go back to user or participant,
or a case in which participant is not coming back,  
no pretext for any Claim against the site for the neglect or lack of response.


Astal reserves the right (but not required) to edit and / or delete content from the site.  
Astal provides unmonitored access to third-party content.  
Astal is only acting as a venue and/or portal, and has no liability based on, or related to,  
the third-party content on this Site, whether arising under the laws of copyright or other intellectual property,  
defamation, libel, privacy, obscenity, or any other legal discipline.  
Astal.com does not control nor always review the web sites to which we link from astal.com.  
We, therefore, cannot endorse the content, products, services, practices, policies, or performance  
of the web sites we link to from Astal.com,  
and Users should not treat any link as such an endorsement or acceptance of veracity or value.  
Astal.com does not have the resources to nor does it undertake any obligation to 
control, research, verify, validate, or approve the content that is received or viewed on its web site.  

Misleading information cause demages to site operators and to participants. 
Astal and the site operators reserve the right to claim compensation from users and participants submiting such Misleading information, 
users and participants hereby agree to pay claimed compensation when recieving the claim, without any right to dispute.  

As online users of the site you agree that the Site will use information in order to obtain updates and / or materials or  
information to publications and / or Marketing through your address-e-mail account.  
If you do not agree to that you must notify in writing to the site.  
Cost estimates, prices and Commissions received from the participants.  
The site is not responsible for prices and other sum of money presented in the site or recevied by participants.
Case in which an error has taken place regarding the type of data to assess the price  
or if there was a misunderstanding between the site operators
no pretext for services not against the site operators,
for the avoidance of doubt the management of the site shall not be liable
for the world to Prices and Commissions.
However the management of the site will make every effort to filter content and download prices And messages that do not meet the test of reality.
The site may stop publication of each item at any given moment, as well as block  
Access to websites according to management's decision to site.
We expect that the User will undertake necessary activities  
and practices and will use caution and common sense when using Astal.com website and services.  



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These User Terms shall be governed by Israel law,regardless of user's or participant's identity,  
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